Anti Fungal Range

Aktoket Bar

  • Aktoket Bar  2% w/w contains the synthetic broad spectrum antifungal
  • agent Ketoconazole IP
  • Cetrimide IP 0.5%w/w

Pharmacodynamics : 

Ketoconazole, a synthetic imidazole derivative has a potent antifungal activity against dermatophytes, such as Trichophyton sp., Epidermophyton sp., Microsporum sp., and yeasts such as Candida sp., Malessezia ovale (Pityrosporum ovale), and Malessezia furfur ( Pityrosporum orbiculare).
Cetrimide is an antiseptic which is mixture of different quaternary ammonium salts including Cetrimonium bromide (CTAB).

Pharmacokinetics :

Percutaneous absorption of ketoconazole is negligible since blood levels cannot be detected even after chronic use. Systemic effects therefore are not expected.

Indications :

aktoket Bar 2% w/w offers freedom from and protects against Tinea Versicolor, and also effective as an adjuvant therapy along with topical and oral antifungal drugs to treat tinea and candida skin infections.

Contraindications :

Known hypersensitivity to ketoconazole or the excipient.

Warnings and Precautions : 

To prevent a rebound effect after stopping a prolonged treatment with topical corticosteroids it is recommended to continue applying the topical corticosteroid together with the use of eto-akt Bar 2% w/w and to subsequently and gradually withdraw the steroid therapy over a period of 2-3 weeks.

Pregnancy and Lactation : 

Since Ketoconazole is not absorbed through the skin after topical application, pregnancy and lactation are not a contraindication for the use of akto-ket  Bar 2% w/w.

Dosage and Administration :

Treatment :

~ Pityriasis versicolor : once daily for maximum 5 days.
The affected areas as well as the whole of torso (neck-down) should be washed with aktoket Bar 2% w/w, and applied so as to form lather, which should be left for 5 minutes before rinsing.
~ Tinea and candida skin infections : as adjuvant therapy, along with topical and oral antifungal drug.
The affected areas of the skin should be washed with akto-ket Bar ,applied so as to form lather, which should be left for 5 minutes before washing off.

Prophylaxis : 

~ Pityriasis versicolor : once daily for maximum 3 days during a single treatment course before the summer.

Adverse Reaction : 

Topical treatment with akto-ket Bar 2% w/w is generally well tolerated. As with other topical Ketoconazole preparations, a local burning sensation, itching, and irritation may occur, but are rare, during the period of use of  akto-ket Bar 2% w/w.


Not expected as akto-ket Bar 2% w/w is intended for external use only. In the event of accidental ingestion only supportive measures should be carried out. Induced emesis and gastric lavage should usually be avoided.

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